The energetic, young team have injected some spice into this funky little hotspot, with a local team using their variety of expertise and interests to add an exciting dimension to your night life.

New Owners , Geoff and Anna Barr are wanting to create something that has customers coming back for more. Entertainment , Food and Fine Beverages are always high on the agenda for this pair.They pride themselves on serving quality spirits , and having the best 1st pour in the area. The wine list will be compact and will easily cater for the average Wino. Food portions will be generous and have ample flavour so you wont go home disappointed

Our new Chef’s Brian and Luke create a seasonally inspired menu with intelligence and style . Using fresh, local produce the guys cater for the seafood enthusiast through to the vegetarian connoisseur with a concise and varied menu. The food is always well presented and sure to excite the palate of any diner, changing on a regular basis to always keep you tempted.

The service is abundant and is full of personality. Geoff and Anna are always on hand to assist your search for a new and interesting beverage, to match a drink with your meal or just to temp you with their current favourite or new creation.

Brian Gregory is a highly regarded chef who has worked in some top restaurants in WA and the U.K. Brian will introduce innovative foods to compliment your favourite wine, beer or cocktail.Brian prides himself on adding plenty of flavour to each dish and portion size is never an issue for this Irish wiz.

Young gun, Luke Hankinson  has recently joined our staff bringing a wealth of experience from excellent restaurants on the East Coast.Luke is always looking to create something to please the palate.

So expect great things from this team and enjoy the changes that are ahead.